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John Eldridge - Jonathan Osman

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Nicole Oomens - Kathy Eldridge

JETS/KeNo Coaching

Coaching (Marsfield)

Coach: Jonathan Osman


  ½ Hour (incl. GST)

1 Hour

(incl. GST)
Private   $40 $80
Children's Groups 4 Pupils   $220
6 Pupils   $180
Hotshots Groups (4-7 years) 4 Pupils $132  
6 Pupils $110  


For enquires call:

John Eldridge: 0412-625-497 or Jonathan Osman 0427-774-891 

Coaching (Castle Cove)

Coaches: John Eldridge, Jonathan Osman


  ½ Hour (incl. GST)

1 Hour

(incl. GST)
Private   $55 $99

Children's Groups (10 week term)

4 Pupils   $275
6 Pupils   $231
Ladies Clinics (5 week block) (9:30am - 11:00am) 4 Pupils $165  

For enquires call:

John: 0412-625-497 

Our Coaches

Professional Qualifications (definitions)

High Performance

Qualified coach able to work with all playing including state/national levels.

Advanced Has passed intensive examinations being competent at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

Resident Coaches

John Eldridge –(CASTLE COVE, freelance)

  • TCA and Tennis Australia High Performance Coach
  • Over 30 years experience teaching at all levels
  • Coached players at state, national & international levels
  • Managed and coached State and National teams for Tennis Australia
  • Coached state and talent development squads for Tennis Australia
  • Educated coaches at all levels for TCA
  • Speaker at Australian tennis conferences and other seminars
  • Written numerous articles for Australian Tennis Magazine

Jonathan Osman MARSFIELD)

  • Law/ economics student, Macquarie Uni
  • 20 years old
  • Leading junior in ETDTA and Epping Boys High School
  • 3 years experience coaching at beginner and intermediate levels for JETS and KENO tennis

    .  Tennis Australia Development Coach

School Policy

We will progress all students to the next level when they are ready irrespective of age.

We will notify students of their readiness to join local Competitions or outside tournaments.